Welcome to Indigo Tang

Indigo Tang was developed to address the digital marketing and social media needs of the digital community. We design, implement, administer and monitor strategic digital plans directed at achieving your digital goals.

Not only do we aim to increase the quality of your digital persona, we aim to improve your relationship with your customers, as well. All of the digital platforms connect, and work together to increase your visibility and following. Our goal is to accomplish this with quality in mind, and with the ultimate goal of creating trust between you and your customers. In the end, isn’t trust the main reason people buy?

Create and Engage

Create social media profiles and connect with the appropriate individuals and community. Engage with your community, post and contribute high quality content. Become a social influencer.

Monitor and Grow

Monitor brand mentions in social networks Grow social media community. Monitor and reply to comments.

Report and Improve

Report metrics and adjust strategy for continuous improvement.

Social Media Illustration

The Power of Social

While social media is thought to be a trend, or distraction by some, it is in the innate nature of the 'sharing' functionality that sources the power of the social media beast. Social sharing is the digital equivalent of 'word of mouth' advertising. Both concepts have several things in common: they are conducted freely, they are conducted with an underlying basis of trust and credibility, and there can be an exponential wave effect of the message or content.

Connect and engage with your digital community

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